Have your say on our future business plans

Here you can find information about how we’re consulting with you and other stakeholders on our future business plans. We would like to hear your feedback, so we can make sure our plans reflect what’s important to you.  

Have your say on our future business plans

We’re currently developing our next business plan for the RIIO-2 period (2021-2026), and need to submit our final plan to Ofgem by the end of 2019.

We’re involving you through an engagement process that has three phases:

  1. to establish your priorities
  2. to build the detail of our business plan with you
  3. to check our plan will deliver what you need.

We are now in the final phase of our engagement with you. Our first draft business plan is available below for your feedback to ensure that our plan reflects your views.

We continue to build our business plan with you, for you

Our draft RIIO-2 business plan for the years 2021 to 2026 is now available for your feedback.

Over the last two years, we've carried out our most extensive ever listening exercise to understand your priorities and future requirements.

Please let us know what you think because this plan has been built with you, for you.

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Engaging with you on your priorities

We’ll be consulting throughout 2019 and look forward to hearing your views as we develop our future business plan.

Below are our latest engagement themes we’d like you to get involved in.

Network Capability

We are working with stakeholders on how we articulate and measure the capability of the Gas Transmission network to:

  • demonstrate we understand stakeholders needs
  • show how our network meets those needs
  • show how our business plan submission will continue to meet those needs going forward.

Please see below for materials we’ve shared so far.  We'll be continuing to engage as we develop the metrics to ensure they work for all our stakeholders.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact Jennifer Pemberton on the email link below.

[email protected]

Download webinar slides


Watch our previous webinar
Download our previous webinar slides

Baseline Capacity Review

During this webinar we talked stakeholders through how we’ve developed our thinking around potential changes to baseline capacity in different areas. 

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Download the slides


We have been working with stakeholders to develop our draft initial thinking on incentives. It would be great if you could review and share with us your views, so we can shape and build comprehensive proposals for incentives.

Download draft initial Incentives document

Incentives: - our performance and an overview of proposals for RIIO-2

During this webinar we talked stakeholders through our performance against our incentives in RIIO-1 and shared an overview of our proposals for RIIO-2 incentives.

Download slides

Watch the webinar

Incentives: RIIO-2 proposals

During this webinar we talked in more detail about each incentive.

Download slides

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Engagement events

Your engagement and feedback in the creation of our future plans is important to us. That's why we host a range of events for you to get involved in and have your say. If you have any questions about our events - please contact Dawn Mccarroll.

Our previous engagements

Here you can find the material from the engagement events that we have held so far. Simply click on the relevant topic below.

Responsible Procurement webinar

This webinar was aimed at suppliers, present and future, as they are a fundamental part of our core business strategy to deliver a more sustainable future and support our position as a responsible business.

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Shaping the South-East Energy Network

The energy landscape is changing.  Changing customer needs and environmental legislation mean we need to make some investment decisions now that will impact how we use energy in the future. 

This is particularly relevant within the South-East of England where we have 7 out of 8 compressors becoming non-compliant by 2030. 

Before making any decisions, we’re taking the opportunity to step back and understand what our customers and stakeholders want from the gas network, now and in the future. 

Please see below for materials we’ve shared so far. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Jennifer Pemberton on the email link below.

[email protected]

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Stakeholder Webinar Draft Business Plan July

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Playback consultation on our future business plans

For the next regulatory period, RIIO-T2, we’re developing a business plan that’s shaped by extensive engagement with you, our stakeholders.

Our playback consultation plays back what our stakeholders have told us so far so we can:

  • check that we’ve understood your feedback correctly
  • invite your views on our proposed next steps and ensure they reflect your feedback.

Although the playback consultation is now closed, you can still send us your views by emailing Jenny Pemberton on the link below.

Email feedback

Listen phase report

We’ve completed the first phase to confirm your priorities, but we haven’t stopped listening just because this phase is complete. Throughout our engagement we have promised to continue to listen and respond to your feedback.  Throughout our consumer engagement programme we identified that the environment, in particular the move towards a decarbonised energy system is very important to consumers.  We have therefore amended our third priority to better encompass this. You can read our report by clicking on the link below.  

View your priorities 

Access Review

We’d like to understand your views regarding the current arrangements for accessing the NTS.  In particular, what should the focus for change be on?

To help us gain an initial understanding, we’ve developed a short survey for you to give your feedback.

Within the survey, we ask about some specific topics including the idea of pooling unsold NTS capacity into zones but we also welcome views about any related aspect of the access arrangements regime that you would like to raise.

This survey has now closed.

Gas Asset Health webinar

We ran an asset health webinar on 13 November with stakeholders to talk through various options, providing indicative costs for each option as well as their impacts on safety, environmental and reliability.

The slides for the webinar can be found below.

Major Energy User Engagement

We ran a webinar with members from the British Ceramic industry to find out their requirements from the Gas Transmission System in the future.

The slides for the webinar can be found below.

Gas Transmission Capacity Baselines/Gas Year vs Regulatory year workshop

We ran a workshop with stakeholders on 8 November to discuss the implications of changes in two topic areas - National Grid Gas Transmission’s capacity baselines, and the different timings of the Gas Charging Year (October - September) and the Regulatory (Revenue Recovery) Year (April - March).

The slides for the event can be found below.

Future Capacity and Balancing Systems and Services

The way the gas transmission network is used has transformed since it was designed and built, with changes to both how gas is supplied and used. To help make sure it continues to meet the changing demands of our customers and stakeholders, our engagement programme focuses on what’s important to you.  

You can find out more by visiting our Future of Gas programme website.

Information Provision

Gas Operations Forum

Our customers have told us they depend on the information and data we provide.  To ensure we provide and plan for the future, we wanted to understand how information and data is used now and how it might change in the future.

Environmental Workshop

We bought together interested stakeholders to gain views on a number of important topics relating to our business plans. Including Emissions, Stewardship and Responsible Construction.

Future needs of the Network Events

We travelled the country to understand what our stakeholders need from the gas transmission system now and in the future.

Shaping the Gas Transmission System of the Future

During the first phase of our engagement we developed the stakeholder and consumer priorities with you (see Shaping the Gas Transmission Network of the Future – Have your say).  We tested these with you during the webinars (see Shaping the Gas Transmission System of the Future: working with you to build our business plans – Listening Playback webinar).

These 2 webinar events were designed to explore stakeholders’ views on how we’ve performed over the first 5 years of RIIO and to gain views on what we should focus on going forward. During the Shaping the future playback webinar we played back what we heard during the Shaping the future events and shared how we had translated this into our stakeholder priorities.  These priorities will dictate how we will engage going forward.  We will also articulate our business plan using these priorities. In the Listen phase playback webinar, we played back a summary of the listen phase of our engagement and set out our plans for the next phase of our engagement.

Net Zero: our role in an uncertain energy future

We ran a webinar that explores our commitments to support the Governments net zero target which can be viewed below.

Our role in an uncertain future webinar

The slides for the webinar can be found below.

Business planning

Business planning (RIIO)

As the energy landscape changes, we’re working closer than ever with our stakeholders to shape business plans that reflect their needs and benefit consumers.

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Stakeholder groups

We’re working with our independently chaired stakeholder groups, whose role is to scrutinise our approach and plans, as well as Ofgem’s RIIO-2 challenge group.

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Have your say on our current business plans

Find out about how we’re consulting with you and other stakeholders on our current business plans. 

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How we’re performing

Customer and stakeholder satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, environmental objectives and general performance are all measures of how we’re currently doing.

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