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I want all the information I need to run my business, and to understand what you do and why

In this section, we look at the value of our information and insights to our stakeholders. We also examine why timely and accurate information will become even more critical as the market evolves.

I want all the information I need to run my business, and to understand what you do and why 

Transparency and information are fundamental to our stakeholders being able to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively.

Our data and insights provide value for consumers by ensuring that the gas market runs smoothly. Our work in this area also promotes competition – allowing participants to plan, prepare and operate effectively.

We recognise that our stakeholders need us to provide good quality information and data to inform their business decisions.

What have you told us?

Through our engagement activity, we’ve developed a more detailed understanding about the information that you value, and what you want to use it for.

You've told us you want more information, faster access to it and an easy way to ask us for new kinds of information.

What will we deliver?
  • We'll champion open data sharing and governance across the energy industry.
  • We'll collaborate and share data with network companies to build a whole system view.
  • We'll invest in our people and IT systems, taking advantage of technology to develop new capabilities allowing us to share information better ways.
  • We'll provide more transparency around our operational performance.

There are risks associated with developing our information services in this way. For example, the growth in customer demand for information may outstrip our ability to absorb the costs through business efficiencies.

We'll be transparent about the fact that these resources are finite and work with the customer community when it’s necessary to set priorities.

What will it cost?

The total RIIO-2 spend for this area is £64m, with an annualised spend of £13m (compared to an annualised spend of £11m in RIIO-1).

This is around 2% of the value of our total business plan.

Your feedback matters

Your feedback on our draft business plan is important to us. We want to make sure we take account of a broad range of views as we develop our plan.

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