Gas Future Operability Planning (GFOP)

The gas landscape has changed considerably in the past 15 years. We expect this to continue in the short, medium and long-term. 

The GFOP describes how this ever-evolving landscape may impact gas network operability, with the aim of setting the direction for solutions that benefit all market participants.

June 2018 - Future gas supply patterns

This, our third document across 2017 and 2018, describes how variability in supply pattern seasonally and day-to-day has changed, and could change in the future.

Your input through these documents will help us to outline the future needs of the network and determine a set of potential options that meet these needs.

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March 2018 - Future gas-fired generation demand

In our November document, we introduced four drivers of change that could create future operability challenges over the next 30 years. This document takes a deeper look into one of these drivers: increasing gas-electricity interactions.  

Based on our findings, we have identified uncertainties that need further study to better understand the operability risk they pose. We want you to challenge our assumptions, telling us how you think gas-fired generation will change in the future.

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November 2017 - A changing energy landscape

We tested the capabilities of our network through the lens of the Future Energy Scenarios, outlining the potential implications changing customer needs may have to the planning and operation of the gas network out to 2050.

We identified four drivers of change that could create operability challenges in the future. We want you to challenge our findings, and are keen to get your input on potential options to solve these challenges.

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