Land and assets

We own the gas transmission system in Great Britain, which is made up of approximately 7,660 kilometres (4,760 miles) of high-pressure pipe and 618 above-ground installations.  We invest in the communities we serve, finding better ways to connect homes and businesses to the energy they need.  Here you can find out more about our assets, working near them, and projects we're undertaking to improve them. 

Landowners, occupiers, and grantors

Our gas network traverses urban and rural areas of land that are owned and occupied by third parties. Find out more about the main areas of interaction. 

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Planning and development

Gas-related guidance for national, regional, and local planning authorities and other statutory consultees.

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Gridline magazine

Gridline is a magazine for landowners who have our electricity or gas equipment on their land. We feature safety and project information, profiles, and more.

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Working near our assets

Guidance and support for working near our gas transmission assets, including gas pipelines.  

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Network route maps

Here you can find out the approximate location of our national gas transmission networks.

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Pipelines Maintenance Centre (PMC)

Pipelines Maintenance Centre (PMC) is the leading authority in the UK on emergency and planned solutions in the field of pipelines repair, maintenance, and intervention.

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