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Gas Summer Outlook

Summer Outlook reports are designed to inform the gas industry and support its preparations for the summer ahead. The report presents our view of the gas and electricity systems for April to October.

Summer outlook publication

We recommend viewing the 2019 Summer Outlook Report using Google Chrome.

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Summer Outlook Report 2019

Our 2019 Summer Outlook Report was published on 26th March. The report presents our view of the electricity and gas systems for the coming summer.

Each year, our outlook reports evolve to reflect our stakeholders’ feedback as we endeavour to provide more useful information for you. This year, in response to your feedback, the report will be trialling a change in format from an 80-page document to a condensed slide pack. We believe that this will provide you with a more concise document without removing any of its relevant content.

In addition, we've also provided a data workbook which contains further information and a print ready version of the report.

Please note that following an OC2 data update, slide 14 has been amended to reflect the latest data as at 20 March 2019.

Download the report

Download the print ready report

Download the workbook


Past Summer Outlook reports

Please note that prior to 2020 and the legal separation of National Grid ESO from National Grid, summer outlooks were a joint publication created by both the Electricity and Gas system operators.