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I want the gas system to be safe

Here, we look at the vital importance of safety on the gas transmission system. We set out our stakeholders’ views and describe how we’re managing safety – now and in the future. 

I want the gas system to be safe  

This priority is about what we do to keep the public, our employees and other people who work on or around our assets safe from the hazards inherent in our business.

Failure to supply gas and major uncontrolled release of gas from the high-pressure network, are both potential threats to life and property.

At National Grid, safety is paramount. We continue to pursue our goal of zero harm to the public, our employees, and other people who work on or around our assets from the safety risks associated with our activities.

In addition, we have obligations to comply with relevant health and safety legislation, monitored and enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

What have you told us

You've consistently said that safety is a priority as you're aware of the risks to life and disruption to gas supplies associated with our operations.

You appreciate the crucial role of the gas transmission system.

What will we deliver?

We'll maintain our world-class level of safety whilst continuing to pursue our goal of zero harm. We will comply with legislation through routine and preventive safety activities to protect the public, our assets and people.

Please note that our approach to safety is reflected across the whole of our business plan.

For each priority with a safety element we’ve included these costs in the relevant section of the business plan. For example, there are elements of our asset health and cyber resilience programmes that also bring important safety benefits.

Our safety culture underpins how we undertake all work.

What will it cost?

Our RIIO-2 plan for safety continues the best practices we implemented in RIIO-1 for compliance with mature legislation.

We'll spend £14.3m per year on the routine and preventive safety activities described in this priority.

This compares to £15.8m per year during RIIO-1.

Your feedback matters

Your feedback on our draft business plan is important to us. We want to make sure we take account of a broad range of views as we develop our plan.

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